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LEKA - ROOM FOR ME!, Book, Children grow through play and creativity –and home is their most important playground! This book is filled with real-life ideas on how to create a playful,safe and organised home that makes everyday life with children a little smoother –and more fun.

LEKA - ROOM FOR ME! Book Width: 24.5 cm Height: 28.5 cm

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LUFSIG Soft toy , wolf

LUFSIG Soft toy

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DUKTIG Play kitchen , birch plywood, white Width: 72 cm Depth: 40 cm Height: 108 cm

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HEMNES Day-bed frame with 3 drawers , white Length: 211 cm Width: 87 cm Height: 86 cm Bed width: 168 cm Bed length: 211 cm Mattress length: 200 cm Mattress width: 80 cm

HEMNES Day-bed frame with 3 drawers

HEMNES, Day-bed frame with 3 drawers, white Four functions - sofa, single bed, double bed and storage solution.

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ÖL MÖRK LAGER Dark lager beer 4.7% Volume: 330 ml

ÖL MÖRK LAGER Dark lager beer 4.7% Volume

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CIRKUSTÄLT Children's tent Diameter

CIRKUSTÄLT, Children's tent Creates a sheltered spot, a room in the room, to play or just cuddle up in.Easy to…

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SPRINGA Rug, low pile , red Length: 160 cm Width: 133 cm


SPRINGA, Rug, low pile The latex backing keeps the rug in place when the child runs/plays on it.

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